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Traveling While Eating Raw – 5 tips for success!

If you want to cut to the chase and get the 5 tips, scroll down : ) But here is our story:

Neil, Roku and I have been on 2 trips since eating 100% raw. One trip was on the road for a weekend in Sarasota. The other was flying to NY for a week long trip to the Jersey Shore. We tried to be as prepared as possible with a plan and plenty of raw food snacks so that we could stick with our nutritional goals. The road trip was pretty easy. We were staying at our family beach house, so I knew we would have a refrigerator. We also easily packed the vitamix since we were traveling in the car. I made a big batch of granola, some raw burgers, flax wraps and 2 huge chopped salads. I put the salads in large baggies for easy travel. I did one beet salad and a ‘rainbow’ salad from Rene Oswald’s “Transitioning to Living Cuisine” Recipe Book. I just packed the dressings separately so that the salad did not get soggy. Sarasota was also an easy trip for us to stick with our 100% raw plan because they had both a Whole Foods AND a Raw Food Restaurant. We bought plenty of organic fruits and veggies to snack on at Whole Foods. At Ione’s (the Raw Food Restaurant), we picked up a Raw Pizza, Raw Burger, Raw Snack Crackers, and an amazing chocolate mousse pie. Between all of these treats and the items that we brought with us, we had such great variety. My sister met us in Sarasota and she pretty much adhered to our same meal plan which made it easier (we shared our goodies with her of course!). She understands this lifestyle and has dabbled with raw foods herself so she was 100% supportive.

Now our trip to the Jersey Shore was much different. We would be traveling by plane, but that did not stop us from packing goodies and our vitamix! I just made sure to bring non-perishable items. I have attached a video below showing you how we packed these items. We brought a huge bag of granola, raw crackers, carob cookies, nori snacks, salad toppers, and some dehydrated raw snack bars. I also brought along a container of Himalayan Sea Salt, Stevia, and I put Raw Agave Nectar in a travel size shampoo bottle. When we got to the shore, we picked up some produce. Not a ton of organic stuff though so we looked up the closest Whole Foods. It was about a 30 minute drive, so we made a road trip up there with Roku (he loves Whole Foods! must be all of the colors). But even with all of the preparation and variety of snacks, it was still difficult to be 100% raw. Particularly for Neil….we were with his family (there were about 8 of us in a cute little house on the beach) and there are a lot of nostalgia in eating cooked food with them. He chose to have a few cooked items with them at dinner and felt really good about it. I ended up cooking some Kasha (roasted buckwheat) for dinner to share with everyone. The cooked grains tasted really good to me. This was the only cooked item that I had, and I decided that I would continue to incorporate some cooked grains into my diet for now. So, from our experiences, here my top 5 tips for eating raw while on the road:
5 Tips For Success!
1) Prepare snacks for your travel days. Small baggies of nuts, fruit, raw dehydrated bars, carrot sticks, are all good choices to stash in your carry on and/or glove compartment.
2) Bring your vitamix! I know it is a pain; we actually paid to bring the extra bag on the plane, but so worth it. We had at least 2 green smoothies per day
3) Bring condiments if you use them: Himalayan Sea Salt, Stevia, and make a salad topper (nutritional yeast, buckwheat groats, nori granules) so that if you have a salad on the road you can sprinkle this on top with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil
4) Check online for raw food restaurants and places to buy organic produce BEFORE your trip. Right down the address and phone number.
5) If you like granola, bring as a big a bag of it as you can manage. This might just be a ‘personal thing’ but I found that being on vacation I wanted to munch more. I bulked up my granola up with dehydrated buckwheat groats so it would not have such a high fat content.


The food we packed for the plane. Neil does not show the vitamix, but it is in the bag too!!

Food that we got at the Raw Food Restaurant called Ione in Sarasota. You HAVE to see this beautiful food!!


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