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Roku Tastes His First Raw Food – PAPAYA

Technically, a frozen banana was Roku’s first raw food. I started him with this at 4.5 months because his gums were a bit swollen which is a sign of teething. He sucked on it through the Munchkin fresh food feeder (I call it the ‘snacker’) much like he is the papaya in the video below. However, we decided to give him more banana in the snacker and it did not go down so well. He ended up filling up his diaper pretty well with poo which is an indication that it was either too much or his digestive tract is not ready for solids. He was a little over 4.5 months old at that point. A few weeks later I decided to let him try papaya. Papaya naturally contains digestive enzymes, so I thought that this would go down a little bit easier. He did very well the first day I gave it to him. I gave him less than a tablespoon in the snacker. I gave him a little more the next day and it came back up. So I have decided to wait until at least 6 months before I try out any other solids (and continue breastfeeding, ofcourse!). At 27 inches tall and 22 pounds, he is doing just fine on breast milk for now!


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