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Summer is Here! Time to stock up on SAFE Bug Spray!

Organic Bug Spray for Kids!

As part of my “Simply…” line of organic body care products, I offer an effective insect repellent that contains organic essential oils that deter pesky summer invaders such as mosquitoes, ‘noseeums’, wasps and bees. It is a ‘deet-free’ formula that is safe for you and your children! I have been using this spray with Dylan since he was 8 months all. For infants, simply spray on your hand and rub into their skin. To be safe, test a small portion of their skin before applying to their entire body. This is to ensure they do not have an allergy to the essential oils that are used. I gladly disclose all of the ingredients! You can purchase through my website. I am actually offering a ‘buy one get one’ promotion on the bug spray if you order before July 4, 2010. (offer ends July 3 2010 at midnight)

Simply… Bug Spray Ingredients:
Witch Hazel
Distilled Water
Almond Oil
Organic Citronella Essential Oil
Organic Clovebud Essential Oil

Organic Bug Spray for Kids

Organic Bug Spray for Kids


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