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Roku Weighs 22 pounds! Time for a new car seat

Raw Food Babies Gain Weight Too!
When Roku neared the 22 pound weight limit of his Chicco Infant Carrier Carseat at 4 months, I had to find a ‘big boy’ car seat to replace it. So I sent out an inquiry to my friends via Facebook and my mom’s group and the Britax Marathon was the choice…hands down! Of the 10 people who responded to my inquiry, ALL 10 suggested this convertible carseat. I ordered it online through for a great price. They have EXCELLENT customer service too. Roku still hates riding in a carseat 90% of the time, however I am 100% pleased with the quality and comfort of this carseat.

Roku in his Britax Marathon

Roku in his Britax Marathon


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