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My Top Ten Foods while Breastfeeding

My Top Ten Food and Drink While Breastfeeding
This is my Top Ten Foods while Breastfeeding. These foods are in no specific order, however I would consider number 1 and number 10 the most important for good breastfeeding nutrition! To provide your baby with proper nutrition through breastfeeding you need to be thoroughly hydrated. And a good breastfeeding diet should consist mostly of fresh, organic, raw fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of colors.

1) Tons of water (never let yourself get thirsty)
2) Green Smoothie (Frozen Banana, Spinach or Kale, Celery, Sprouts, ice, water)
3) Organic, Raw Nuts and Sprouted Dehydrated Seeds (Sunflower and Hemp)
4) Sprouted and Dehydrated Buckwheat Groats
5) Lemonade sweetened with Stevia
6) Carrot and Celery sticks with Guacamole
7) Papaya
8) Leafy Green Salad sprinkled with nutritional yeast and olive oil
9) Cooked Grains (Brown Rice and Quinoa)
10) A wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables in an array of colors

And Frozen Banana ice cream with a raw granola never hurt anybody….

Frozen Banana Ice Cream with Raw Granola

Frozen Banana Ice Cream with Raw Granola


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Breastfeeding Diet – Your nutrition is important!

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I have spent much time online trying to find the ideal breastfeeding diet and have come up empty. So I decided to document what I eat both to help other breastfeeding moms with some ideas as well as obtain feedback from any experts out there who know more about nutrition than I do! Here are some guidelines that I follow in general:

1) Plenty of fruit and vegetables
2) A whole food prenatal vitamin (I take “Super Nutrition” Simply One Prenatal)
3) Drink enough fluids so that I am never thirsty
4) Avoid caffeine and alcohol

So here is my typical day. I didn’t break it down in the typical Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner because I graze all day:
Upon waking (in this order)
Tall Glass of Lemon Water (with stevia)
Fruit (usually some papaya)
Bowl of Raw Granola (Sprouted and Dehydrated Buckwheat Groats and Sunflower Seeds, almonds, walnuts, and whatever else I crushed up and threw in that batch)
About 2 hours later
Big green smoothie – frozen bananas, leafy greens (I mix this up but a combo of spinach, kale, celery, sprouts, or any leafy green), chia seed gel, stevia. Those are the standard, but sometimes I will add raw carob, dates, blueberries, or some spices)
About an hour later if I am hungry
Fruit (usually an apple or some mango) and/or some dehydrated buckwheat groats
Around Lunch Time
A Salad (I usually have some sort of chopped salad prepared; if not, a greens with carrots, celery, asparagus, tomatoes and nutritional yeast)
About 3 hours later
Another Green Smoothie or Sprouted Buckwheat with a little granola depending on my mood
Around dinner time
Something more substantial like a nori or flax wrap sandwich full of sprouts and veggies or a raw burger.
I have recently started to eat cooked grains like quinoa, brown rice, and kasha. I season them with Himalayan Sea Salt.
I know you should eat your fruit before anything else, but I like to finish off my dinner with a sweet treat like frozen banana ice cream. If you look at one of my earlier blog posts you will see that I have a recipe for this with carob powder…YUM! Sometimes I will sprinkle granola over it with some raw agave nectar for a heavenly treat!
YES! I eat all day so sometimes I am snacking on Raw Brazil Nuts, Frozen Grapes, a dehydrated bar that I might have made, carrot and celery sticks dipped in guacamole.

So that is pretty much it! Here is a video to show a raw food dinner that I made for Neil and I. These are during weeks when I am really ambitious and have prepared some gourmet treats for the week.

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