How to Help Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How do I get my sleepy, crying baby to go to sleep? This is a question that many new moms would love to have answered. However, every baby is different so there is no one single answer. My husband and I found it helpful to read a few different books to get some ideas. We ended up pulling a few ideas from each along with some techniques of our own to determine what works best for little Baby Roku. And it is an evolving process! What worked for him at 1 month no longer works at 5 months! When he was a newborn, we would co-sleep. But after two weeks, he suddenly was not falling asleep in the bed with me…even after a full belly! That is when we read “The Baby Whisperer” and “Happiest Baby on the Block”. We found that a combination of swaddling, ‘shhh-ing’, rocking, and then placing him in his own baby crib was what worked best for him. I highly recommend researching techniques along with understanding your baby’s cues to find a technique that is best for him/her.

Baby Roku is 5.5 months old and loves being swaddled. We started swaddling him when he was about 2 months to help him sleep better and longer at the advice of one of the books that we read. It totally worked! To this day, swaddling calms him down before he goes to sleep in his crib. Which is great at his current stage because it seems when he is getting sleepy his arms and legs REALLY start moving. Swaddling also keeps him from scratching his face and eyes in the middle of the night.

We use the Kiddopotamus organic cotton swaddle (we have about 4 of them). I highly recommend this swaddle because the velcro attachments make it very easy to use. He occasionally ‘breaks out’ of the swaddle, but this does not seem to wake him up. I just swaddle him back after feeding and he lulls himself right back into a deep sleep. We joke that he will still want to be in a swaddle even after we send him off to college! However, I am sure that he will ‘let us know’ that he has grown out of the swaddle before then. : )

roku in his swaddle at 3 months

Baby Roku in his swaddle at 3 months

Baby Roku in his swaddle at 5.5 months

Baby Roku in his swaddle at 5.5 months

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