Chew On This – The Eco-Friendly Way to Drink Your Smoothie

One of my raw food staples is a green smoothie loaded with greens and a little frozen banana. My preferred drinking method? I love to drink my smoothie from a straw. I even have a straw preference…the thicker the better! But I really hate the waste that all of these straws create (not to mention that you should chew your smoothie…see below). We tried reusing our plastic straws, however I do not feel that this is a very sanitary practice. Fortunately, most straws ARE recyclable. Most straws are made of polypropylene (#5) or polyethylene (#2) which are both recyclable plastics. Plastics #2 and #5 are generally considered safe as far as toxicity goes. Another option are straws made from potato, cornstarch or paper which are biodegradable and sometimes even biocompostable (biodegradable and compostable). The only place I can find to buy the biocompostable straws are in huge bulk supply. If anyone is interested in going in with me on a case, let me know!

There are some pretty cool reusable straw option out there made of bamboo, glass, and steel. However, there is still the cleanliness issue that I have. If you have a special cleaning utensil that can scrub the inside of the straw (like the kind used to clean baby bottles, only longer) then I would see this as a good option. For instance, rinse your straw immediately after use and then clean with a sanitized pipe cleaner. That might just do the trick!

But the MOST eco-friendly way to drink your smoothie…no straw at all. Just make sure to wipe off your green mustache when you have finished drinking!

Whether you drink your smoothie through a straw or not, you should still CHEW your smoothie. Digestion actually begins in the mouth. To ensure optimal assimilation of all of the smoothie’s nutrients, make sure to chew each mouthful a few times before swallowing.

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